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Dry Fire "A".



Dry Fire "A" dry firing training - movement analyser.

iTunes App store link here.

Dry Fire 'A' has been developed to take advantage of the Accelerometer sensors inside the iPhone or iTouch.

With the addition of a simple and inexpensive Sports Arm Band holder for your iPhone or iTouch, you can now monitor the movements of your arm and gun whilst training. 

Dry Fire 'A' is the first in a series of applications that will be devoted to the popular shooting events.

These will include:

Rapid Fire

Centre Fire

Standard Pistol

50M Free Pistol

10M Air Pistol

Bianchi Cup

...many more

The "Dry Fire A" application is also applicable for all NRA pistol and rifle shooting analysis.

The Dry Fire 'A' application can be used to get some idea on how you move and how still you can be during the precision stages of your event.

Without much effort, you will learn more about how you can improve on your techniques and hopefully improve your scores.

Give it a try, we hope you enjoy it..!!

Remember, always follow safe guidelines when Dry Firing.

Thanks & best of luck!