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Gold Brick.







Welcome to Gold Brick - "...get those pesky Gold Bricks...".  

iTunes App store link here.


This fun App lets you destroy stuff with a wrecking ball. 

However, there are some simple but tricky levels too. 

It's very addictive so be careful, you can't put it down till those pesky gold bricks are down on the ground. 

Many more levels in the making so stay tuned for updates. 


Have some fun. 

All the levels can be completed so get cracking and drop those nasty gold bricks. 

Beautiful 3D graphics with real world physics for your enjoyment. 

Thanks for buying..


New in Version 1.1

This is the universal App release, ready to run on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. 

We have also added Facebook support for you to let us know if you like the App. 

A couple of small physics improvements have been made to make the performance and run a bit faster on the older devices. 

Level loading times have been reduced to get you smashing those pesky bricks down in less time..!! 

If you have some ideas you'd like to share, check out our website where all our Apps are on display at www.farmyard27.com 

You might even find a small clue to that nasty red dice level. 


Thanks from the team at FarmYard27. 


Thanks for downloading. 


Please note: App compatible with iPod Touch Gen3 and above iPhone 4 and above and iPad 1 & 2 - armv7 only.