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Target Turn Trainer.




Rev 1.1 now available.

Target Turner - a Rapid-Fire-Stage (Dueling)
training tool in your pocket.

iTunes App store link here.

Target Turn is a simple little application that you can use for the Rapid-Fire-Stage of your ISSF events.

These include:

 * Centre Fire

 * Sport Pistol

 * Junior Sport Pistol

Simply set the target size that suits your practice distance, prop up your iPhone® or iTouch® in a safe position and away you go.

Fine tune your Rapid-Fire skills (or Dueling for those of us who remember that term).

Timing is so important when training for this event. The Target Turn application now gives you the power to train anywhere you can.

☞ ☞ ☞  SAFETY WARNING  ☜ ☜ ☜

Please check your gun to make sure it's unloaded. ( yes it can happen )

Added Sound Feature in Rev 1.1

You can select a different sound for both the facing movement and the away movement of the target, with 5 sounds to choose from.

As you know, the sounds of the targets turning are just as important as the visual turning of the target.

When Dry Firing, you can now train with both sound and visual aids using this Target Turn Application on your iPhone® or iTouch®

Thanks and good luck with your shooting scores.

Give it a try, we hope you enjoy it..!!

Remember, always follow safe guidelines when Dry Firing.

Thanks & best of luck! 

Remember to "Follow through" ☺